The Princess Frog: a Musical

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As seen on News 12 and featured in Newsday

The Princess Frog: An Enchanting Musical.  This musical fairytale about  a frog and a prince, shows that true love has the power to break any bad spell. It’s enchanting with a  witty script and a musical score that keeps kids engaged with songs like “Meatball” (a brown beachball bounces through the crowds) and “Bocca Polka” (a kissing song), “Jump” (a jumping, swimming and hiding song) and “Let’s Sing our Song” (A sing-a-long).

Based on an Italian Folktale called “The Prince who Married A Frog,” the show was written to accompany The Long Island Children’s Museum’s Fairytale exhibit and was workshopped three times.

Book:  Lena Pennino-Smith; Music Lena Pennino-Smith; Piano arrangement by Brian Smith; Percussion and guitar arrangement by Michael Leuci; Bass arrangement by Richard Hefner and Mandolin arrangements by Pat Leuci