Old Fallen Tree


This old fallen Tree reminds me of me.

Half in the water, half in the land.  (Frog hrumming begins softly)

I just don’t fit in, wherever I am.

FROGS:  Hrum, Hrum, Hrum. (Frogs are singing)

RANA:  Excuse me, no offense but can you keep it down?  I am trying to sing a song here  and you’re being really loud.  Thanks.

RANA:  This old fallen tree reminds me of me. (Frogs:  Hrum, Hrum, Hrum.)

RANA:  Half in the water, half in the….land. (Frogs:  Hrum, Hrum, Hrum.)

RANA:  I just don’t fit … in. (Frogs:  Hrum, Hrum, Hrum.)

RANA:  Wherever I am! (Frogs:  Hrum, Hrum, Hrum.)