I Like Humans/ Frogs are…


(Verse 1)

This time you’ve gone too far

You’re really raised the bar

As a queen, I’m  just and fair

But this time I  just don’t care…


I hate frogs.

I can’t help the way I feel.

I hate frogs.

 the way they jump, the way they squeal

I said it all right? ok?

You know I’ve always felt this way.

Frogs are gross; I don’t like them.


(Verse 1)

 Stuffed my feelings in a closet, tucked away upon a shelf,

 been lying to my family,  I’ve been lying to myself.  

Frogs are my favorite, it’s true I like them best … 

but I must admit, there’s something to confess…. 


I like humans.

I know it’s quite a shock.  

I like humans, 

despite the verdict of that rock.  

They may call me- cray cray, 

Inside, I’ve always felt this way-way.

 I like humans. I really like them.


(Verse 2)

A frog holding my scepter?

You know I can’t accept her. 

You stole his only chance for joy.

A frog-girl for my little boy?

You’ve gone too far.

You’ve gone too far. 

You’ve gone too far.  



I like humans.  

I can no longer ignore, 

I like humans.  

My needs are so much more.

I like  hair, teeth and nails and stuff,

cause a frog’s just not enough.


So deep breath, be calm

Tell the frog, tell my mom.

I’m a man, and as a man — 

I’m not into amphibians…


TRE:  ‘cause I like humans.

QUEEN:  Frogs are gross.

BOTH:   I can’t help the way I feel.

TRE:   I like humans.

QUEEN: Frogs are gross;

The way they jump, the way they squeal.

BOTH:  They may call me- cray-cray

Inside, I’ve always felt this way … way. 

TRE:  I like humans 

QUEEN: Really gross  

TRE:  I really love them.

TRE: I want her to stay,  just not in that way.  

Just not in that…

QUEEN: You’ve gone too far…

QUEEN: away

PRINCE:   way.