Hero of your Story (Reprise)

ALL: Tre found his bride on a log,

Shocked that she was a frog.

They worked as a team. 

To be King and Queen.

He kissed her, she tasted like bog!  


They’re the heroes of this story

They played the hero part.

RANA: You saw past my skin

To see deep within 

TRE: And loved you with all of my heart. 

ALL: Be the hero of your story.

A hero every day. 

Got Dreams to keep?

Just take a leap!

Hope is  a hop away.


Be the hero of your story!

A hero tried and true.

Best story to tell. 

A life that’s lived well. 

TRE: Dad told me, now I’m telling you.

EVERYONE:  And you can tell somebody too.