Go With the Flow


Some say I’m spineless but I know I am brave

to live inside  the crashing wave.

Floatin’ in the sun,

not knowin’

what’s to come.

But I’ll go with the flow!

I’ll go with the flow.

I’ll go with the flow!

Where am I?  I don’t know, 

But I’ll go 

With the flow!

You have no arms, yet you hold onto your fears.

You have no eyes, yet I can feel your tears.

I know that you’re spent.

Leave the past. 

Join the current!  



We’ll go with the flow!

We’ll go with the flow!  

Let’s go with the flow! 



Where are we?  We don’t know

but we’ll go 

with the flow!

Where we go — doesn’t really matter!

Where we go – won’t make me sad or gladder.

You’ll be where you’re meant to be.

We’re crashing; we’re swelling.

We’ll live? No telling.

Lost at sea with the tide.

Long as you’re by my side!  

Open up and just be who you are.

You will see, the sea will take you far.

Learn to love everything.

There’s no joy 

without the sting!



Let’s go with the flow.  

Let’s go with the flow.

Let’s go with the flow.