Clammy’s Lament


Look where I am.

I’m not with them.

Do they care?

That I’m not there?

What was I thinking?

My heart is sinking.


If I were you (hu)man

Not Clam-me.

I’d be all I wished I was

I’d be better just because

I was human.

They say that they are friends with me, how can that be true?

They go where I cannot go, do what I can’t do.

It’s just as well.

I’m just a shell.

Is there more?

What’s a clam for?

Well, I‘m waiting (Pause).

My hope is fading.


If I were human

Not Clammy.

I’d have everything I lack.

I’d be more than just a snack.

If I were human.

I’d run and jump and play all day, frolic in the sun.

I’d have a purpose for my life and live until it’s done.

If I were you, if I were you, if I were human.