Ideas for Play

To download your very own Monarch Butterfly puppet CLICK HERE!!!


·        Grabby the Crabby: There is a Fiddler Crab on you!  Shake him off as you hear what he pinches next!

  • I love U:  This song is all about vowels and emotions!  Argue with an Aardvark and yell “Aaaaaaaa!”  Feel disgusted as you eat earthworms, “Eeeeeeee.” Click here for a video. 

·        Stacking Blocks: Play like “Ring-around-the-Rosie.”  Hold hands, walk in a circle and when you hear “wobble, wobble,” teeter on one leg and then the other, before you fall down!

·        Hugh Stinkfoot:  There are three things to do when you join this pirate crew: row the boat, scrub the floors and slap imaginary swords!  Don’t forget to march during the chorus!  (And what is that smell?  It could be Hugh!)

·        Fireflies: Fly around the room like Fireflies, when you hear “Yes, I will,” adults turn into the “catchers” to chase their little ones.  In large groups, try like London Bridge.

·        Cup of Jo-Jo:  This song teaches pitch.  When the notes soar high, hands go up!  When the pitch drops low, touch the floor!  Run in place when Momma “runs around the town!”  At the end, when the caffeine wears off, fall asleep … snore, drool.

·        Lady Bug, Lady Bug: Hold your little ones and march around the room.  When the lady bugs fly “up, up, up to the sky,” launch them into the air!  This can also be a parachute game played with stuffed animals.

·        It’s Not Goodbye: This song is a big thank you for the people you love!  When you hear “thank you, thank you, thank you,” scoop up your loved ones and hug them like crazy!  Then you’ll be as Happy as Clams!